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Spring Safety is a top priority at Wile Hyundai. We want to keep you safe on the roads this Spring. Our service department is rated second to none and we are proud to sell cars filled with safety features we hope you never have to use.

Make an appointment for a Spring tune up and oil change today!

Spring cleaning keeping you too busy to schedule an appointment right away? We get it! Here is some tips and ideas to stay safe on the winding, Quiet Corner roads.

Rainy days and flooding.

We’re all glad to see the end of the snow, however that thaw can lead to flooding as snow covered road grates struggle to contain the melted snow.

Spring rain brings slippery road conditions and flooding. According to the Federal Highway Administration, rain was a culprit of 46 percent of all weather-related crashes from 2002 to 2012, and wet pavement in general accounted for 74 percent.

Slippery, wet roads can increase your braking distance by up to 400 percent, so slow down in the wet and be aware that your vehicles handling has been compromised.

Hail season

It can be hard to believe that hail can cause problems after this year’s record snow fall, however, even small hailstones can shatter windshields, and raining balls of ice are never good for the roads (or anybody, really).

Road wear and tear

Winter wreaks havoc on the roads here in Connecticut. Snow plows, salt, sand, and the aftermath of ice can all leave roads a bit battered. Once snow melts away, expect to drive over new and worsened potholes.

Keep your eyes peeled and regularly check your tire pressure. Warm days and cold nights can lead to tire deflation.

Animal activity

Animals are incredibly active during the spring. Some are emerging from hibernation, and others are entering mating season. This could mean that more animals are crossing streets and roaming around.
Many animals, especially deer, are most active at dawn or dusk.

More bicycles on the road

Spring also brings cyclists out of hibernation. Driving alongside cyclists can make traffic maneuvers, from turning right to parallel parking, more dangerous.

Check your lights. Since spring rain hinders driving visibility, make sure all your lights work, including headlights, taillights, backup lights, turn signals, parking lights, and brake lights.


Seasonal showers, migrating animals, and poor road conditions can create unpleasant complications out on the road. Use the above tips to your advantage and don’t forget to schedule your Spring service at the Wile Service Department. We will make sure that you will be that much more prepared for any seasonal driving dangers that come your way. 

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