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Fall 2014 Blog

Fall is a great time to buy a car at Wile Hyundai.

It’s that time of year that the 2015 Models are making their appearance in our showroom here at Wile.

The leaves of the trees that line the North Eastern Connecticut roads all start to change color and new cars come gliding into our dealership like they own the place, dooming their 2014 counterparts to a shrinking corner of the show room.

Don’t feel bad for the 2014 models, though. This yearly dance simply means we can bring additional offers and sales to the table to room for the new inventory.


If you’re looking for great deals, there is no better time to shop at Wile.


Sleek, shiny and brimming with the latest technology the 2015 models are no slouches in the looks department. Many people know the trick of waiting until the end of the year to purchase a car but if you have your heart set on something in particular now is the time to stop by.

We would love to see you at Wile. Let’s put you into the car of your dreams!!

North East Connecticut roads are some of the loveliest roads in the state, and all the sweeping curves can be fun to drive but they can also be a perfect breeding ground for black ice, so take it slow and enjoy the ride!!

A Wile Top Tip is; always remember to turn on your headlights in the early afternoon to help see any possible sheen from black ice.

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